What tubes do you guys use in your amps?

Please tell the specific amp you have the tubes in, and give a brief description of it compared to your last set in there.

For me:
Marshall 18watt TMB

Preamp Tubes: JJ ECC83s/12AX7s
Power Tubes: JJ EL84s
Rectifier: JJ EZ81
Description: Very average JCM800 Marshall like crunch with the Volume up on the TMB channel. Normal channel had medium gain when cranked up.

Second: (Put them in to try today)
V1-V3 (Preamps): Fender Sovtek 12AX7s
Power Tubes: JJ EL84s
Rectifier: JJ EZ81
Description: More gain! Very crunchy and much more bassy and full. Normal channel when cranked has a lot of gain and is even more high gain than the cranked TMB with the JJs in it. I am probably going to keep these Fender tubes in there. I thought I loved JJs the best

Your turn,
I haven't changed the tubes in my Champ yet, I haven't had it very long. Right now it has Fender tubes (rebranded, obviously), and later this week I'll be getting Tung Sol replacements. It uses 1 12ax7, 1 6V6GT and 1 5Y3GT.

I'll post about any changes in tone once I get the new tubes.
2 Marshall's with EL34's and ECC83's, replaced same
1 vintage Univox with 6L6's and ECC83's, ECC82's, 6AN8 replaced old GE 6L6's and old Mullard ECC83's
1 AC30 with EL84's, ECC83's and GZ34 rect, replaced same

....nothing weird
Mine are:
Preamp: 3 Sovtek ECC83's, will be changed to EHX's soon
Power amp: 2 Stock THD EL84 which came with the Yellow Jackets, will be changed to JJ's soon.
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right now my amp (Aims Personalized Producer) has RCA 12AX7s and General Electric KT88s i need to change the tubes though since those tubes have been in the amp for a very long time.
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Amp: Carvin MTS3200 head

Preamp: Chinese Shuagung 12ax7
Poweramp: EHX EL34s
Description: Excellent crunch for classic to hard rock tone, but it's too middy and crunchy for my tastes; I also feel it just doesn't have quite enough gain. (I play metal.) I bought it off eBay (I wouldn't have chosen those tubes), but I'm going to be putting in some JJ 6L6s and either some EHX or Tung-Sol 12ax7s; I'll edit this when I do
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Fender Blues Jr.
Preamp:JJ ECC83
Power:JJ EL84

Really nice fat sparkly cleans.
Fender Blues Jr (GH1230 Celestion Speaker)
Barber DD
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Boss DD-3
Guitars: 06' Custom Fender Strat Lindy Fralin Blues Specials, Callaham Tremolo
09' Olympic White Stratocaster
Amp: Peavey Bravo 112 (like an old-school JSX, but smaller)

preamp: two Sovtek 12AX7As
poweramp: one more Sovtek 12AX7A, two Sovtek EL84s

result: very microphonic, cleans kind of sterile, crunch isn't the best ever. not what i would recommend.
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Originally had:
2x JAN GE 5751s,
4xElectro Harmonix EL84s,

Now have:
JAN GE 5751,
Telefunken 12AX7
4xJJ EL84

The Telefunken gave the amp a bit more drive and definition (it's in the PI spot, and NO, it's not balanced )
The JJs added some sparkle to the highs and tightened the bass.
My Fender Hot Rod Deluxe:

Preamp tubes - 3 stock 12ax7's

For power tubes I have two sets:

1) Stock 6L6 Fender (Groove tubes?) Really LOUD and punchy, overdrive later and more smoothly.

2) Currently installed Groove Tubes power reducer kit EL-84's. These come in 3 colors, blue being 1-3 and early distortion, white 4-7 normal distortion, and red 8-10 late distortion.
I got a blue set rated "1" BIG change in amp character here. At first I didn't like it I felt the punch and snappy dynamics were reduced, but after messing with it for a while I love it. The distortion happens a lot sooner and is more gritty. No, it didn't make my Fender a VOX, but I love the difference. Plus, it only takes less than 5-10 minutes to swap back and forth.
This is a little off topic, but I recently purchased the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic, and I now have so many clean/OD/distortion variations I don't know what to do with them!
Fender 60th Anniv MIM Strat (SD Little 59er Br)
Agile AL-2000 Rootbeer Flame (GFS Vtg '59)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
GFS Chorus
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Combo

Original equipment was factory Mesa/Boogie brand tubes - 12AX7s and 6L6s.

Power amp: 4 Ruby 6L6

V1 - Tung-Sol 12AX7 Reissue
V2 - Sovtek 12AX7LPS
V3 - JJ ECC83
V4 - Tung-Sol 12AX7 Reissue
V5 - Sovtek 12AX7LPS Phase Inverter

With this setup I get really beautiful cleans and a nice crunchy distortion. Responds to mid adjustments well going from scooped hair metal to thick grunge flavors. Rh 2 channel does nice rhythm distortion sounds but it also good for blues leads. This amp loves to be cranked. The cleans and Rh 2 channel are definitely better than stock. I didn't notice any dramatic improvement in the Lead channel, but it's definitely different.
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Traynor YVC40WR

Preamp: 3 Sovtex 12AX7WA
Poweramp: 2 Sovtek 5881WXT

I've found that the clean channel breaks up fairly easily, starts at about mid-volume. Dirty channel is fantastic. I might try some Groove Tube 6L6's next, and once the warranty runs out, I may mod it and try out some EL34's or KT88's
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Digitech HotRod
BBE Sonic Stomp
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V5 - Sovtek 12AX7LPS Phase Inverter

Whats this tube do for you? Seems like you experimented a lot to find a bunch of different tubes for different positions.
^ I have no idea. I just know that the V5 position in the Mark IV is marked "phase inverter" and Doug (Doug's Tubes) threw it in for free.
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Triple XXX 212:

4- JJ 12ax7 in the preamp

4- GT (Groove Tube - Gold Series) EL34LS for the power tubes.

I purchased a quad set of JJ 6L6GC.. & played them for about 2 to 3 weeks. Now I GT EL34LS are my favorites for the XXX!

I have a match quad set of JJ 6L6GC's 4SALE
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Amp: Marshall JCM900 model 2101

Pre-amp: Electro-Harmonix 12ax7 (2)
Power-amp: Electro-Harmonix EL34 (4)
Phase Inverter: Electro-Harmonix 12at7 (1)

Sound: Your average Marshallesque JCM900 sound. Can get pretty heavy with the volume and gain cranked.
Has anyone tried out the new Svetlanas? I'm thinking of picking up a pair of EL34s for the Mark IV.
Hi, I'm Peter
In my 5150 I have JJ 12ax7 in the pre (which I hate and am open to suggestions) and 6L6GC in the power.
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In my 5150 I have JJ 12ax7 in the pre (which I hate and am open to suggestions) and 6L6GC in the power.

y do you hate the JJ 12ax7's?
"I don't want to be hostile. I don't want to be dismal.
But I don't want to rot in an apathetic existence either.

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y do you hate the JJ 12ax7's?

Either its not his taste, or it doesnt sound good in his amp. Tubes sound different in different amps. Thats why I made this thread.

I didnt like Sovtek Fender tubes, and loved JJ tubes, but then put the Fenders in instead of the JJs and loved the tone.
Vox AC30 CCH

Just the stock tubes.

Preamp- 3 Sovtek 12AX7s
Power amp- 4 Electro Hamonic EL84s
Rectifier- 1 Sovtek GZ34

I've pondered getting new tubes but I kinda think it sounds fine how it is. The EHX EL84s aren't bad and the GZ34 doesnt really matter. Sovtek 12AX7s arent all that inspiring but they're but that bad either
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y do you hate the JJ 12ax7's?

To dark, I like the chinese label that came with it better.
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im getting the C-1 Hellraiser Baritone and replacing the EMG 81 with my Zakk Wylde EMG 81

****in great dude
v1-JJ 12ax7
v2-JJ 12ax7
v3-JJ 12ax7
v4-EH 12at7
v5, v5-JJ 6L6GC

As most people have fund with the JJs, they're pretty dark. I think they work very nicely in the bass channel tubes for my Bassman. I may try an EH for the guitar channel one of these days. The JJ powertubes are smoother than the other ones I've tried in my amp and are really punchy, good stuff.

v1-EHX 12ay7
v2-EHX 12ax7
v3, v4-JJ 6V6 or Westinghouse 5881
Rectifier: 5Y3GT

The EHX preamp tubes are great in this amp. Tweed type amps like this are darker sounding than later Fenders, and so the amp can easily be too dark with tubes like the JJs. The EH tubes are good. The 6V6s in this amp are good sounding, but the overdrive is a bit fuzzy IMO. I have some old (old meaning built sometime between now and 1968, they came from my Bassman) Westinghouse 5881s that despite probably being over 15 years old at the least, sound AMAZING in this amp. The distortion is way more defined and less mushy.

Peavey Classic 30:
v1-EHX 12ax7
v2-JJ 12ax7
v3-JJ 12ax7
v4, v5, v6, v7-JJ EL84

This amp sounds alright with the JJs. I preferred the EHX tubes in this amp personally. Nothing really stands out in this tube combo.
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Marshall JCM900 4501

pre-amp - stock, am going to swap them out for something a little bassier at some point
power-amp - replaced stock sovtek el-34s with JJ E34Ls, the difference was excellent - tighter bass, more bass response, more playing response overall. i seem top have more clean headroom too, but with the distortion when they do break up being more brutal - too me, the best of both worlds.
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