Okay, here is me with my Purple Haze version again, I used the crit I got last time and hope the bends/vibrato's/solo is better now

It sounds a bit empty but when playing with a band or backingtrack that's gone (of course!) And it also covers up my mistakes a bit... hehe

Thursday I'm performing this song with a band (bass + drum) and I'm also gonna sing with it, I am not a professional singer or something (!) neither do I think that I can sing good but we needed a singer to stay in time and I guess my singing isn't really out of tune so we decided I'll sing... Please give some constructive crit on my vocals too!

I screwed up the lyrics a bit in the 3rd verse, forgive me, I'm a bit nervous around recording devices and stuff...

And no, I'm no boy with a weird high voice, I'm a girl

singing isn't that bad quie good only sometimes you sing me-e instead of me if you know what i mean and that sounds not as cool as jimmi does it but i liked this version?
Yeah you're right, but ehh singing is not my strongest point! But I'll practise it some more!
Thanks for the reply.
The vocals were good.

But there were some missed notes in the beginning. I don't know if you want it to be that way tho.

Also the solo could use some work.

Pretty damn good though
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I'm sorry, what missing notes?

Well I like it this way but I'd still like to know what notes you are talking about!
Not bad but yeh your voice is a bit off but thats only a small problem but overall i liked it


Well I often play with a backingtrack but I wanted my guitar and vocals to be clear.

Playing it with a band sounds pretty SiCK though
The tone is pretty bad, but the playing is solid. The singing is awful, you need to drop like 52 octaves
Like people said before, some guitar parts were off, but I assume that was intended, because you said you were playing it "you're" way. Which I commend if thats what your trying to do, because your trying to make it your own, which I believe you suceeded in doing. I've never heard purple haze sung by a female either, and I thought it sounded pretty cool. Honestly, a little practice, and your voice can be there, because you naturally have a nice voice. So dont give up singing because of a few negative comments. But overall, you definately made the song your own, and I would love to hear the recording with the whole band.
crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=504659
Thanks for the crit!
I know my singing isn't perfect.. but I only sing because we needed a singer and the gig is tomorrow (!) I was the only one in the band who could play and sing together and it didn't sound horrible.. so that's why
But I'll practise it!!
good job dude!

also on youtube!
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