For sale:
-1 Precision Instruments 20W Bass amp
* 20 Watts
* 12.5 Lbs
* Dimensions: 13.5'' H x 14'' W x 8'' D
* 6'' Speaker/8 ohms 20 Watts RMS 30 Watts Peak
* Front panel (Left to Right): Input, Volume, High, Mid, Low, Compression, Headphones, Power switch.
Willing to let this go for about $35-$40
It's loud enough for garage practice for sure. I used it all the time for that.

-1 Fender Frontman 15G Guitar Combo Amp

* Blackface cosmetics
* Great Fender tone
* 2 channels (Normal and Drive)
* 15W
* 8" speaker
* Headphone jack
* Aux input for CD, tape player, or drum machine
* 13-1/4"W x 12-1/2"H x 7-1/4"D
* 15 lbs.
Willing to let this go for about $50

Both amps are in LIKE NEW condition, both prices are negotiable. Power cords included. I can post new pics upon request.
Building a guitar put me in debt...
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55 shipped??

PM sent.

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how about a trade for a boss ds-1 with the power adapter. its in perfect condition, and new they would be 57 dollars together, but i would trade evenly.

Sorry, I have all the pedals I need. I'm only looking to get money for them.