Hey guys,

My name is Ben Nagy. I'm from Saskatchewan IN Canada. I have a band called Interstellar Overdrive. We play psychadelic rock, and alot of it is jamming because we're heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. So it's almost like a combination of the two, but if you listen to our music, you'll tell we have a very unique sound. I recorded the entire album, everything except drums. Unfortunately we we're on alot of mushrooms during the whole recording, so alot of it is really far out if you can dig that. You can check out our website here:


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We are currently working on our second album, which once again we are recording in my studio. This album is a hell of alot better though, because our first album was a little rough. I really didn't know how to do half of the tricks I know now, so this next album, which should be out in June, is going to be alot better. We are a four peice, and we mainly play covers in bars and whatnot. But yeah, check us out and give us any comments. Thanks

hehe. no way man, i like that name and thats why we named our band after it. tons of bands have done that who are famous. pink floyd infact is stolen from two blues artists names ( i think they were blues). the hot rats (not sure if you've heard of them, they're old) is stolen from a zappa album. haha