Alright, the time has finally come to upgrade from my very cheap, very bad Johnson guitar. (It came in a starter kit for $2oo.) I've been playing seriously for about 1.5 years, and am starting to get into relatively technical stuff, i.e. Opeth.

In short, this is my first time getting new gear (apart from my avt-20 Marshall amp I recently purchased), and I NEED HELP badly, since I'm still a noob in the area of guitar models and types, etc. Keep in mind I'm very much into playing metal in the style Opeth, and that I am also taking Jazz lessons. My price range maxes out around $1000 to $1500. I was looking at the les Paul deluxe on Musiciansfriend.com, ($1699) but I'm afraid I would get it just because of the brand name.
P.S. I will be upgrading effets and hopefully my amp soon, but the guitar is all I am getting right now. Thanks!!
get a schecter black jack model i have one and i play opeth it sounds great it has seymour duncans jb 59 and coil taps so u can play jazz and metal
schecter tempest blackjack!

ummm wait what?
do u want a amp?
u can get a ibanez rg1570 and a pretty good tube amp for around 1300 if u go used maybe less
if not just get the ibanez i suggested
Might want to get a slightly cheaper guitar so you can afford a decent amp with it. This way you don't buy a really good guitar, and end up playing on some piece of shit amp till you have enough money to buy a new one. Just grab a cheap 75W amp and if you happen to like les pauls, perhaps a Zakk Wylde custom les paul?
check out www.carvin.com

another one to check out is Jackson.. mine is quite versatile indeed
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