First upload here.. cover of Fade Away by Oasis.. except one key higher.

Get it at http://www.clan-tfp.co.uk/Fade_Away.mp3

I'm not much of a singer so go easy on me there.. it's a multitrack too done with Logic Express - I recorded the guitar and the vocals separately.

Roughly 4 Mb download.

Edit: Decided that I was covering Slide Away for some reason... :P
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it think it sounds pretty good
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Maybe listen to the tune a bit more to get the singing rhythm. It's a hard song to get the rhythm of.

The chorus was on the whole nicely sung. The 'fade away' bit was a bit off, but none the less nice job. I quite liked the improv singing at the end

The guitar needed to be a bit more beefy, maybe put the treble down a bit, or use I think more of the neck pickup.

On the whole nice job dude,

If you get a chance please crit some of mine - they're in my sig

Ooh. Another Oasis fan

I haven't done much in the way of fine tuning the sound.. just plug my electro-acoustic straight into my MacBook then record away with Logic Express. I'll have a play around with it.

My vocal range is pretty limited and trying to sing Oasis tracks at the same key as Noel/Liam is just about my limit without going falsetto... Little bit of playing around with a capo usually manages to get something decent.

About the rhythm.. it took me about 5 tries just to get started.. I couldn't seem to get the strumming part right when I wanted to record but eventually it got going.

Cheers for the comments anyway, I'll take a look at yours

Might try another track tomorrow.
Nooooo I thought the strumming rhythm was good... I liked that. I mean the singing rhythm. It's slightly different phrasing in the actual one:

When I was young I thought I'd HAVE my O-WN key
knew exactly what I wan-ted to-be,
No--ow I'm sure
You've boarded up ev-ery door.

and so forth... Sing along with liam to get the jist - or even noels acoustic cover.

Still on the whole a good cover dude

As for using a capo to get it in key for your own voice... well thats what its for.

If you can do justice to the song using a different key, theres nothing wrong with that at all IMO.

Yeh I love oasis. They're the best.

Cheers dude