yo, does anyone have this guitar? if so, is it worth it over a different model, or even a different brand? I am looking for a guitar for my friend like, mine, the Ibanez SA260FM, with a thin, fast neck. if you could recommend anything better, please do, but remember, thin, fast neck. Price is not a factor (But preferably less than $1000 USD)

thanks in advance
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There are 3 models. The JS100 (cheap mans' JS), and theres the JS1000 and JS1200.

The higher two models are around $1400, and the JS is around $700 I think

I would personally save up for a JS1000 or 1200.
Rg prestige have a nice neck
i find the Js neck a little to fat

but try them out
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Go for an S Presitge if you like the Satriani guitar but want a thin neck. The S is an all around thin guitar, and it feels like butter.
The other guitarist in my band has the JS1000. It sounds fantastic. Good cleans, can handle good ammounts of distortion. It's really versatile and i think it's definately worth the money.
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Agreed - but like said, JS1000 and JS1200 are over a grand.

But don't get the JS100.
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Agreed - but like said, JS1000 and JS1200 are over a grand.

But don't get the JS100.

I've found the JS100 for about $300. A new trem for $200 and pickups for $125, that adds up to about $750. Not a bad guitar AT all.

Just dont buy a JS100 for any price over $400.
Buy an RG1570. They have the fastest, thinnest neck Ibanez offers at the moment (I think).
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Just dont buy a JS100 for any price over $400.

just don't buy it at all. In the UK at any rate, you can get an rg1570 for less.
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I own a JS1000BTB. The neck on it is closer to a Fender strat neck than most other Ibanez models.

Ibanez have (or did have) the 'Wizard' neck which is very thin and flat. Even more so than a Jem neck. I think the Paul Gilbert model uses a Wizard neck.
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I own a JS1000. I <3 it. Just save up a little more cash and get it. I promise it wont disappoint you.

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