I really dig the thing you started playing somewhere around the 30 second mark of closer. As a whole, the songs were pretty forgettable. Nothing special. You did a good job sticking in the scales and sometimes really seeming to anticipate the chord changes. It was okay playing for sure. As far as tone goes, it's pretty terrible, though I'm sure that wasn't a big concern for you. Anyways, keep playing and screwing around over chord progressions. You'll keep on figuring out new things that work in different situations. Keep it up.
Thanks alot for the constructive critisism. Those were just for fun praticing some lead over some of my rythms. Eventually lyrics/drums/bass/better lead will be added. The tone is crap because my Line 6 Spider II 112 75 Watt amp is not good for direct out recording which is the only option I have on my home comp.