I,ve abandoned the idea of making a voodoo strat and now i'm thinking on making a v like esp dv8 or king v. I want to make it a neck through guitar because it's better for a V guitar. I can't decide what to do for the neck. I was thinking on buying a neck or making it myself. For necks i saw this carvin neck http://www.carvin.com/products/single.php?ItemNumber=NT6&CID=GTR/K
but i don't know if it has jumbo frets. There is also this neck from stewmac http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bodies,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar:_Necks/24_Fret_Through-body_Guitar_Neck.html but it dosn't have jumbo frets or inlays. The final option is to buy an ebony fingerboard from stewmac http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bodies,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar:_Fingerboards/25-1_2_Fender_Scale_Compound_Radius_Fingerboard.html and make the neck. The big problem is that i'm not very experienced on woodworking and don't know if it will be better than buying an already built neck. If i make the neck i will make inlays and put jumbo fretts but as i said i'm not sure if i can make it well. Can you help me deciding wich neck is better?
id go,personally, with the carvin since there really no room for mistake. if you build a neck and you dont make the part that goes threw the body long enough,your screwed cuz you dont wanna glue a smaller piece onto it(im just guessing cuz i have no experience with threw body necks, but thats how it seems in my mind). and you can always check warmoth, there not threw body necks but there necks none the less.
but i dont want bolt on necks for the V because with neck thu i have better access to the lower frets. And what about the frets from the carvin? Are they jumbo size? Are there any finger boards already freted? Possibly i will choose the carvin neck. But i would really like if it had inlays on the sides.

EDIT: I'm thinking on buying a book that explains how to make guitars and solve those technical problems. does anybody have an opinion on books?
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Email Carvin about it. If they don't list the fretwire size, they probably don't include it.

What's your definition of Jumbo, sir?
.048"h x .103"w, the fretwire on the Stewmac neck is most certainly Jumbo in my book.

Also, ebony is kinda delicate, so it's possible to break the fingerboard if you're pressing the frets on yourself.
i'm pretty sure i read somewhere that carvin necks had jumbo frets. anyways, you're not gonna get a better neck for the money.
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the neck is 161.578 EUR if i buy it direct.

I've emailed them and they already answered me. They are fast.

Carvin said:
It does not come with jumbo standard but we can put them on without a

Now i asked them how much will it cost with jumbo frets. I hope they don't make it more expensive.(making a normal neck would be more expensive and time consuming)