Is it worth it? I can get it off Ebay for probably around £100 and its going to be split between 3 people in my band so thats like £33 each. We are a soft rock sort of band. Do you think it would go well with our type of music and is it fairly easy to get used to?
To see what sort of music ma band plays here it is www.myspace.com/marigoldtaxi

I don't know how well it would work for you guys. Maybe if you wanted to add an experimental edge to your music.
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Well me and the singer think it would make us like unique in a way compared to bands in our area, which is good. The drummer just keeps saying we will sound techno and dance musicy and our bassist wants to try it out and see how it sounds. Even if it doesnt go well we can either keep it to play with or sell it for the same price on Ebay
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It would be a cool effect to have, but I'm not sure how it would work on guitars, especially live. Maybe you guys should just distinguish yourself by your playing. Don't get me wrong, you sound pretty good now, but with some more practice, you guys could be amazing and blow other local bands away.
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I have one. I used it in a Radiohead-esque band...rock n roll. And yes, very useful.
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Wayward, it isnt going to be used for plugging hte guitars into..its going to be used as a synth with a keyboard im sure.

Thanks for the compliments mate..if you have a myspace just give me the link on here