I just got a catalog from Music 123. I was browsing through electric guitars when this sucker popped out and slapped me in the face. Washburn WG587 7 string. List price, $949.80.

Sale price, $179.99.

Before I waste my money, I wanna know. Is this guitar a piece of crap or is it worth a hundred eighty?
I've never played a 7 string in my life so I was thinking for $180 it's a pretty damn good deal.
With some new pups and possibly tuners that could be really sweet.
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Not looking to sink any money into it just yet, but someday it could be a project. I'm also a photographer and looking into a career in that, so I'll have a little spare cash to work on my guitars and such. Maybe I'll spend a little to get the washburn sounding better, but for now I just need to convince my dad to let me get it.
don't look too impressive at first, but probably a change of pickups would make it better. and maybe changing the bridge and tuners.
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