Hey guys i am sorta mind blank this weekend at what i should play so i am going to ask for your help. I dont really like asking you guys for songs but i cant think of anything at all. ive got a few songs but i am really not pleased with my choices in the songs cause i am used to sing with my electric and stuff, but i am trying out some acustic stuff. I am into folk and blues music as far as acoustic goes. I have one song that i am pleased with on my site so you know if you can look at my site and see what i am capable of singing and what not. i am trying to go for the folkish bluesish thing. If there are any bands that you think i might be good with covering or something let me know. Thanks a million guys.
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It's generally not a good idea to make sarcastic comments like that, it makes us not want to help you

But really, for covers, just look through the 'detailed what song' thread for some ideas.
I think you really need some lessons. Your guitar playing was awful. Your singing was somehow worse than your guitar playing. Did you seriously listen to yourself? I am not even trying to be mean, you seriously need some lessons with both singing and guitar playing if you want to improve. You need someone to tell you what you are doing wrong and hopefully tell you how to play correctly and sing better.
sorry wrong place to post i am really bad a selecting the right place to post and stuff thanks fru_rocks as for you carp muncher everyone i know seems to like it....so good luck with life