I'm not new at guitar, just soloing. Anyone know of any solos that are good for people that may not be that good at soloing yet?
i say start off with (dare i say it) green day solos and blink 182 and all of that stuff, then work up to better stuff.
some AC/DC solos are pretty easy actually, and if you have the balls for it, go for led zep's "stairway to heaven"... that one may take a while, but it's so fun once you get it.
begining to fade to black or welcome home by metallica, orrrr californication by chili peppers?
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Seems this question gets asked every day. Gotta hit the search bar, dude. but, to stay on topic, try smells like teen spirit by nirvana

and green day and blink are good as well, like you said, scarfacesuit.
Lipgloss and black - Atreyu
When I come around - Green Day
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
Stairway to heaven - Zepplin

If you have the patience for it, learn the harmony solo for "A gunshot to the head of trepidation" by Trivium, Triviums harmony solos are easy, they're just bends and hammer ons/pull offs.
Check out the tab talk forum for beginner solo ideas.
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