Hey, I'm looking to get a good set up for around 400 dollars, I realize I'm not gonna get the best quality stuff, but of course I want the best for my money. I've heard Rondo has really good products for the money, and I own the Agile 2500 guitar from there, I have to say it is nice, so I figured I'd stick with them for a cheap bass.

I've got this one picked out:


I need a nice amp for around 200 dollars that will compliment the bass. I play a mix of funk rock, jazz, classic rock, and just a lot of jamming, so I need something that would go well with that. I also want something that will allow me to train my slapping and popping.

I've looked at plenty of amps on Musiciansfriend, and I can't get out to Guitar Center for a couple weeks or so, so I wanna go ahead and start getting some ideas.

Any help is extremely appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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