Hey, I am looking for some Beginner or Intermediate metal tabs.
I need some suggestions. All the ones Ive seen so far are too easy or too hard.
enter sandmans a pretty easy song
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It's generally pretty simple with a few difficult licks.
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creeping death - metallica is a pretty nifty song!
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Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
Learn the metallica solos, the first fade to black one, am i evil, sanitarium
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That sucker'll give you some practice.

Um. Rose Of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage is pretty simple. Mostly just power chords, not much else to it. You could look into some Iron Maiden too, maybe pantera if you want hard and heavy.
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maybe some of the easier avenged sevenfold stuff, bat country perhaps?
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