Can you record using Guitar Pro 5?
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I'm pretty sure not, but Audacity is a nifty free program that is great for recording

I don't know about great. Audacity is the program I recommend to people who I know don't have the ambition to buy any program worth recording with. Audacity is the Wal-Mart tape recorder of the 2000's.
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Hey I have a question about gp5. ok I wanna use gp5 and take out the guitar and other stuff so I'm just left with the bass and drums then I wanna export it to audacity but the sounds israther crud like a ring tone on a phone.anyway I can make that sound better????
if its in midi format you can use soundfonts i think.....
i've heard of people using them but, through my own experiences i have been unsuccessful. Maybe you can figure it out though