I've been playing guitar for a while, however I just got a Fender with a whammy bar last week, and I was wondering if there are any tips towards using it and taking care of it. Should I take it off before putting it in a gig bag? Should it be stiff or loose and swinging? Responses appreciated
definitly take it off before putting it in gig bag.

other than that, just don't dive bomb it too often (or at all since its a fender one)
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Im a bit of a shred guy, so i like doing the pinch harmonic divebombs, horsie noises, steve vai helicopter manouver etc, but to do these i have a double locking Ibanez ZR system. I actually snapped my bridge in half on a fender copy guitar, one of the worst sounds u will ever hear. But yes, disengage whammy bar for storage when ur done, and using whammy bars on non - locking systems like a normal fender is number one way to go outa tune...
u can dive bomb but look in the back and make sure that u have more than 3 spring things. but dont do it alot you're not hendrix or srv now.
as tight as you want- it's mostly personal. and i dunno what that guy saying you weren't SRV or hendrix is on- they both use strats.
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the one problem i have now is my whammy on my squier affinity strat is becoming really loose, and i can screw it in about a half a turn more than i used to, but i play a lot of hendrix (esp his star spangled banner) and thats most likely what it comes from i think.. i just use it a lot mroe than i should..
if you can bend the strings with your fingers then the whammy is just for show.
just use guitar polish on it,that works well for me.
if you can bend the strings with your fingers then the whammy is just for show.
just use guitar polish on it,that works well for me.

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I use my whammy bar for vibratos and I custom ordered a shortened 'Gilmour' tremolo bar and a custom steel block from this guitar shop in North Carolina. Problem is, for some reason the tremolo bar is much closer to the body then my stock fender one. I'm not sure why and it's frusterating because it touches the 5 way and it's uncomfortable to fit my hand around it because it's so close and I have kind of big hands. Anyone know a solution to this?
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Just use it for vibrato, anything heavier'll knock your fender outta tune. And yeah, it's your decision, but I find stiff whammies get in the way ... leave it swinging, you'll be mainly using it on long notes, so the split second needed to swing it up shouldn't be a problem.
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i got one of these brutes years ago, and after a week I had to have the guitar replaced, I put the whammy in too tight, then used it and

BOOM! Headshot!

Nah the whammy broke inside teh bridge, so my advice is
:It it feels like you need pressure to tighten it more, it's too tight.
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