Ok so i've had my guitar for about 6 months nows,its my first one and i've pretty much taught myself everything i kno,including how to tune the guitar. But now i'm confused. I just got a new tuner,it's the korg dt-10.its really nice but like i only use it for one string and then like tune off of that one because if i go through and try to tune each string with the tuner,the guitar doesnt get tuned,it sucks.i dont know what to do. I know what to listen to to tell if two strings are tuned,and when use the tuner it just doesnt work. it could be that i need new strings,well,i know i do, but its gotta be somethin else too.my friend told me that u have to like detune all the strings like really loose then tune the guitar,but i didnt really know what he meant. If someone could clear this up for me i'd really appreciate it.
tuners can be really unreliable, fyi. its probably better to tune by ear llike your doing, because its good for the musical ear and it can be more reliable. if you have a piano in your house that is tuned, thats one of the best ways to tune your guitar.
Electric tuners suck in general. Just tune by ear.
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find a piano, then tune it. what he probably means is detune the string then tune it back to the pitch of the actual note. not very loose, just a little.
my korg tuner works almost perfect, but i guess it is best to tune the low E and then tune the rest by ear, thats usually what i do.
I never use tuners. EVER. I just tune the low E however low I want it depending on what I play, and tune the rest off that.
yeah i dont have a piano so thats not really an option,lol. But i like to have a tuner cuz i like using alternate tunes.i dont need a tuner for drop-d but like if i wanna tune down a whole step or something,the tuner can really help.
I just do it by ear. Sure, there's not a damn guitar in the world in synch with my guitar xD; But still, if I like it, I like it.