okay how do you scream without straining your throat, i have plenty of friends that can do it without any vocal experience but i wanted to know because i can barely get through one song without pain.
What kind of screaming?
'J'adore ah les femmes', yeah I love my riches, 'bonjour' money and 'au revoir' bitches
Pick up a dvd on it,i see'em.It catered to metal an stuff like lamb of god an pantera.Plus its only 20 bucks at most music shops.
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What kind of screaming?

yes it would help if you were more specific? afi? underoath? system of a down? cannibal corpse? there's a lot a varieties
Whats the big fascination with screaming? It's f*cking stupid, and it sounds awful.
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The singer from Arch Enemy has the manliest scream ever.

More like sanatic, plus what angela does is growling
'J'adore ah les femmes', yeah I love my riches, 'bonjour' money and 'au revoir' bitches
Google "The Zen Of Screaming". That woman knows how to do it well, and do it right.
Only Number of The Beast and Won't Get Fooled Again type screams are cool.

And I guess the vocalizing that Rob does at the End of Preist's version of Green Manalishsi is screaming so that too/
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from the gut i believe. its how i do it and doesnt hurt my throat. but no bitch wails, their just gay.
I'm not very good but if you wanna sing death metal your gonna want to sing/scream from your chest, don't use your throat or you'll kill your vocal cords