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Yeah it's fine
30 57%
No, don't do it
23 43%
Voters: 53.
IF a girl gives me a titty twister, is it OK for me to give one back to her or no?
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It's called knobs for girls.
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if you want to be considered a pervert, feel free.
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On cheating in a relationship...

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If he doesn't use a gameshark, it's not cheating.

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I don't see why not. Women fought for years to be even with men so why not?
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when my ex hits my in the balls but she usaually misses but i acte like she did hit me so then i hit her boob.it nice shes like a d or something
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only if she's hot. otherwise tell her you were born without nips so that you are immune. That'll creep her out.
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people here are idiot.
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the only good wahs out there are Slashs, Zacks, and Dimebags.
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im to tired and confused to comprehend what you said.
if you want a sexual harrasment lawsuit, go right ahead buddy
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If she's ugly then twist them till they nearly come off. If she's average looking then do it back, but gently. If she's hot, then stick your cock in her.
Hit her on the head gently and chase her - and then, when the time is right, kiss her. It's a charm and it works great, usually.
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Whoa, you're a girl right?^

No, he's a man with a vagina and breasts.
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In Soviet Russia, bar searches YOU!!!

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Whoa, you're a girl right?^

yes im a girl. i was quoting the first part from 40 yr old virgin, then i came up the other part.

Girl give guy purple nurple = Funny prank, kinda mean, but nothing huge.

Guy gives girl purple nurple = (under any circumstance) Sexual offense. Courts believe woman 9-% of the time unless suspection of insanity, and even then they sometimes believe them.
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