to become faster..

do i HAVE to do exercises?

or can i just learn difficult songs?

i mean..

exercises focus on one thing...where as a song can cover many things

im very confusesd on this..

and songs can be a whole lot more fun

so..exercises...should i be doing them?
You can do whatever you want. The thing with songs is that you have this idea of what they should sound like and the speed at which they should be played.

All that really matters is that you practice good technique. If you do that, you'll be fine.
practice execises and songs, songs tend to be more fun but execises can be aswell. do both

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I'd do both. Have you ever played a sport? When I was in wrestling and football, we did drills (or, exercises) that covered very specific aspects of the sport. Then, later, we'd do scrimmages/practice matches (hard songs) where we tried to put to use the skills we had specifically trained in the drills.

Language learning is like that too. You can learn a language really well if someone just throws you into an environment where people only speak that language, but if you do that plus some classroom instruction, you can learn it much faster, more completely, and with far fewer bad habits and misconceptions.