I just bought one of these and I am curious on how to configure it since it doesnt have bass/treble knobs or anything. It has Tone, effects like tremolo, delay and reverb, gain, and volume, and then it has presets. It has Acoustic, JC Clean, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Stack: Classic and R-Fier.

I don't really know what the pre-sets mean besides the clean and acoustic, and I am wondering how I get a metal sound out of this thing. Anyone know what I should set it to?
dont expect much from this amp really. use the stack preset and r-fier i guess.
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Black panel is modeled on the Fender Twin Reverb amp, and goes from country to blues, jazz and rock, Brit Combo is modeled on the Vox AC-30TB which has a 60ish sound. Classic Stack is modeled on a Marshall JMP1987 which is of course classic rockish and some rock. R-fier is modeled on a MESA/Boogie Rectifier which is high gain amp w/ heavy distortion.

EDIT: I believe its a very good amp for beginners....
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For metal, I would use the R-Fier setting. It's modelled on the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier series of amps, which are pretty famous for their metal crunch tones.

The others presets are based on other famous sounds. I'm making fairly educated guesses at what they are:
JC Clean - a Bright (trebly) clean channel based on the sound of a Roland JC-120 amp
Black Panel - Less bright clean modelling the sound of a particular era of Fender amplifiers, when the control panel was black (rather than chrome)
Brit Combo - Based on the Vox AC30 I would guess. Brian May famously uses them. By adjusting the gain knob, I'd imagine you could go from clean to vintage crunch with it.
Classic Stack - I'd imagine this is based on a vintage Marshall of some sort, probably one from the plexi era. This will probably do a good impression of Eddie Van Halen's famed "brown" sound.

The tone knob replaces the more conventional treble/mid/bass 3-knob layout. When turned fully anti-clockwise, it will be the equivalent of turning the bass up to full and the treble down to zero. Vice-versa for when it is turned fully clockwise. Start with this and the gain knob at 12 oclock, and adjust from there depending on what you want, eg if it is too harsh, turn the tone down a bit, or if it is not crunchy enough sounding, turn the gain up a bit.

Start by using no effects, or maybe just a touch of reverb, until you're getting sounds you like out of it. Then experiment with them and see how they alter your tone.

I'm sure if you play around with it you'll find what settings you like pretty quickly.
Good luck man!