There is this really great aussie band from perth called Karnivool, fans of tool/chevelle would probably dig them quite a lot...they have really cool riffs and lead parts that id love to learn...but there is like nothing around the net tabwise..

could any fans of alt rock please help me out and properly tab a couple of songs..

"Cote", "Themata"(which has been attempted) and "L1fel1ke" would be great

(i use both power tab and guitar pro if that helps)

thanks for anybody kind enough to help me..and others out im sure.
i know what u mean, were doing a small concert type thing for my music class and i wanna perform a karnivool song but there are virtually NO tabs for them
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Bloody oath aye.. Ive been searching for a correctly tabbed "C.O.T.E" since last year and still.. NOTHING?
Such a great Aussie band and no tabs.. SAD MUCH
i would be happy to tab C.O.T.E if anyone wants to help me. i've got most of the chords but need help with rythems.
klee1688, can you post the chords at least? i'm having trouble with them the most :s