I want to buy some replacement humbuckers for my Epiphone SG. What would you recommend for under 50 dollars on each? I play classic rock, indie rock, and alternative rock.
Anything under $50 isn't going to be much of an improvement over what you already have. Good Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan pickups start at about $70.
combine the 50 dollars and get one pickup.
Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom in bridge.

might be over 100, but not by more than 10 dollars.
but seriously, you cant even buy USED stock pickups for 50 each.
WHAT were YOU thinking?!?!
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+1 on the buying 1 good one instead of 2 crap ones that will be no better than what u have.
buy some from guitarfetish.com, their pickups are awsome. you can get some for under 50 each easy, and they will sound great. even the cheapy sets are great.
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