well i recently got a new acoustic the takimini G series dreadnaught black. cut out, electrick pickup all that, and i have a behringer piano amp, because i like the sound of that with acoustics more

but now i am looking for a pedal with multiple effects, n all that
what would be a good pedal to get?
reasonabl price
no more then 150 ????????
I personally don't have much experience with effects, but it would probably be a better question for the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum.

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Pedals? For acoustics? I would personally say none. Electrics are for pedals and effects. Acoustics are for having a nice natural sound IMO
Yeah, if you are after effects on your acoustic, you could do it, but I don't think it would be too successful
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there are only four effects that really work well on acoustic, chorus, reverb, acoustic simulator pedals (they help give you a more natural acoustic sound when using a peizo pickup), and light delay. i wouldnt really bother with anything else for acoustics, i wouldnt bother with a multi effects pedal at all.
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