yeah, so my band always has some problems getting people out to our shows. Mostly because not to many of our friends like post-hardcore ish music that much. But im sure people at my school and other people around my town do. So, what are some good ways to promote for shows?
Myspace.com is a very good tool to get word around locally.

You can also print lots of flyers and post them all over town.
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put up HUGE flyers at busy intersections.
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MySpace or............ uh, flyers at where you play gigs and at music(guitar, bass and drum oriented) music shops
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this is the best when playing paramore
Ask your principle if you can post flyers around the school.
Get your friends to help pass out flyers
Go to the venue a week or so before the show and hand out flyers
Call the venue and ask if you can post flyers there
get a nice poster, and a lot of handbills, go to the malls and where kids you think would like your music hang outk, and go up to each and every one of them and show them your music, and get to knwo them, thast the only way to do it. its probably the toughest thing to do for your band,

you can be the worlds greatest band, but if you dont personally go out and connect with potential fans, you wont get anywhere, good luck man! if the turn out sucks this time around, just keep it up,

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thanks guys....

yeah the flyers in town wont work. The town i live in sucks so much its so small, plus no one likes this kind of music. The mall could work but the venues we play aren't that close....at least 35 minutes away from the venue. Also the venue is pretty shitty so going a week early and handing out flyers there wont do anything
Like everyone else said.. myspace.. myspace.. myspace. I wouldn't worry about advertising at the mall even though it's 35 minutes away. There are some people who will drive that far just to see a show. I also live in a small area where each "city" is a 40 minute drive and I've seen kids from other towns all the time at shows. You should also go to the places you are going to be playing and put up stuff. Get the word around.. back to myspace:

What my band used to do is.....each time we played a new area.. we would add hundreds of people from that town and then send them a message about the show. Some people will actually come because of this. I once had a woman email back to say that we just "Gave her something to do for Friday night" That's all some people are asking for.
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Like everyone said, myspace. Add people. Also, if they don't really like your type of music, give them a reason to come and turn them onto different music. One famous way was that Blink-182 when they started used to tell schools and churches that they were a band that sang about good values and stuff just to be able to play. Also, have you ever thought about traveling to other areas, even if it is the city 40 minutes away? Of course the shows will be bigger, there are more people there. But you should connect with potential fans and people in general. Someone may not like your music but knows other people who do and they will mention your name. Just talk to random people and mention your band and your shows, trust me, it works.
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Start a 'steet team'.


seriously this is a great idea. a local band got a bunch of us to go around the neighbourhood and hand out flyers everywhere and they almost sold out.
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i want to play to new people! thats how to get your band out there haha i don't want to keep playing shows to the same friends of mine


Thats why you make their friends come
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Thats why you make their friends come

Yeah, lol. No matter how stupid you think this will sound, the bigger turnout you have, the 'better' you'll sound to people new to the band.

SO the best thing to do is get as many people you can, whether they have heard of you or not.

Or... you can say there will be free buttsecks. Everyone will come.
we write it on the tables in school because we cant put up posters... even though cidona can come in and put up posters for a disco students cant put up posters for their own gigs.

ya anyway...

write the details on desks, people read graffitti

vadalism=best form of advertising
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grafiti your bands name on every billboard in town, and flyers, flyers and more flyers, everywhere you can think to put them.
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