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Yeah 2000 dollar difference. Epiphone was bought by Gibson and now make low end Les Pauls.
Quote by The Ted
Yeah 2000 dollar difference. Epiphone was bought by Gibson and now make low end Les Pauls.

they make les paul copies among their own original models.

the main difference is in quality of the build. They also come with different pickups depending on the model. The Epiphone les pauls, lets say the standard, is trying to emulate the Gibson les paul for less than half the value, you get what you pay for. Gibsons can become a little over priced, but no one else can make a les paul the way gibson does, so suck it up and pay for one or go for something else,

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Epi LP's are a mahogany/alder body (all of them except the Standard Plain Top which is all mahogany) whereas the Gibsons are all mahogany, Epi's have crap pickups and switches and the overall quality is worse than the Gibson, although the Epi's do have Grover tuners now days.

In a nutshell the Epi will never be a Gibson LP, with some modding you might get close but that's it. A 70's lawsuit era LP copy (Tokai, Burney etc) is probably the best alternative to the real thing.
hign end epis > low end gibbys

the main diff is the quality of the make
and the quality of the parts used
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^ I would say the main difference (more a concern) is the body material, mainly cause that is something you can't really upgrade. Don't get me wrong I like my Epi bar the pickups but I'd prefer a Gibson I just can't justify spending that much on a guitar at the moment.
IMO, $1000 Epi > $1000 Gibby. People say Gibsons are better because, quite simply, they are. Then again have you ever seen a $3000 Epi or a $300 Gibson? I didn't think so. Too often people compare low end Epis with high end Gibsons, which I think is unfair. Obviously you won't get custom shop quality with any Epiphone, but you're not paying $3300 either. Just my $.02.
Quote by ark
no one else can make a les paul the way gibson does, so suck it up and pay for one or go for something else,

That's right, because Gibson has secret guitar-building technology that they've been zealously guarding since the '50's.

That's just silly. Any decent luthier could make a Les Paul exactly like Gibson does. They just aren't allowed to sell them in the US or Europe because Gibson will SUE them.

Check out a Japanese copy like a Burny or Edwards. They make them to the exact same specs and have better quality control at about 1/4 the price.
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Epiphone Casinos are great guitars in their own right so I don't think one can say Epiphone makes worse guitars. People forget Epiphone IS NOT like Fender Squire. They were a respected guitar brand before they were bought by Gibson. Their own models like the Casino are still high end quality. However Les Paul, because they are made under license, are a little different.

I have owned a Epiphone Les Paul and it was a very good guitar but as has been mentioned, the pickups sucked. Basically it all comes down to how much you're willing to pay. If you can't afford a real Gibson Les Paul (and let's face it, many of us can't) Epiphone Les Pauls (with new pick ups) are a good choice.

I have a Burney copy (not of a Les Paul but a ES-335) and it's the same deal. Great guitar, shitty electronics (I slapped some SDs in and now it sounds pretty good). Most MIJ guitar factories have very good quality control
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No, gibson cost 3 times as much but are exactly the same, that's why they're still in business.
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Yeah, Gibsons are awesome but I'll always buy Epiphone cos the Gibbys are a complete f'in ripoff, however good they may be.
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