Hey Guys ima new here... been playing guitar for 2 yrs now... acoustic 1/2 yr.. electric 1 1/2 yrs.. i started with a $100 Carlo Robelli acoustic guitar and then i got bored then get an Ibanez starter kit i forget what its called some special black edition stuff.. and i thought it sounded pretty much like crap so now i went to the store and got myself a ESP MH-400 for christmas.....i played it at the store on a Line 6 spyder 3 i think its called and jesus it sounded insane... i almost cummed myself playing it sounded so rich!! yet so METAL!! anyway just wanted to read ur thoughts on this guitar. nice floyd rose and EMG's for $700 not a bad price. and soon and i know u guys are going to rag on me for this ima get my new amp in the coming months anyway just tell me what u guys think about this guitar i dont know i just want to see what u guys think about it.

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i almost cummed myself playing it sounded so rich!! yet so METAL!!

that has to be the most retarded way of describing a guitar....ever
u want my actualy pics or u want from like sam ash type deal? o and remember ive been playing on a crappy Ibanez starter so to me anthing like above 500$ sounds nice lol but i played it and checked all the frets and they dont make that zzzzzz noise
^lol He is sixteen, but close enough.........tomatoe potatoe
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I can see it now, in a year we will have kids walking up to girls "Hey baby, my career score on guitar hero is over 3 mill, ooooooh yeeah"

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Are you, by chance, younger than twelve?

You do realize i was just expressing how i felt when i played the guitar?
This thread is useless without pics.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
Very nice, dude! Congratulations on your purchase. Pictures would be nice.
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Nice man, hope you like it. I personally love mine and a tip for the guitar, buy a Trem-Setter, trust me it will make your life SO much better.

If you want to see my pics, go here:
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I was originally going to get that guitar but I settled for an Ibanez RG1570 instead.

But congratulations on the purchase.
you had mentioned you played it thru a line6 spider 2? I'd do a search on this site for those key words and read thru some of the results. a guitar like that deserves a comparable amp. also do a search for "marshall mg". just in case you were looking at that one too.

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