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Betcha it plays like crap, but I'd still pay out the ass for one of those.

thats hella pretty..

and purple o.O
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I'd kill to play something like that o_o I'd say screw it and spam it's ass with effects and a particularly nice sounding amp just to make it sound decent.
It's probably modelled after some gundam-related anime series.
yeah, i bet it sounds like sh*t
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Haha, cool!
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S'kinda cool.

But I know for a fact that KISS had some cool axe-shaped guitars.

There's one here in Glasgow, at the Solid Rock Cafe.
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I personally dont like it, thats just me, lol its cool that its an axe thomore like a novelty, but i wouldnt play it
Quote by Ishiga
Wonder if anyone knows what brand made it.

If I remember right, I think ESP made it. They modeled it off of a weapon from that Gundam show. They made one that looks like a lazer rifle thing too.
i bet the body hurts like a bitch to play sitting
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If the Disney corporation made a guitar that would be it. I would love to own that thing. I bet it sounds like ass though, no body or anything, it would have no sustain.
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They have one of those at the big guitar store here in taiwan.

It's so shitty you have NO idea. It's plastic, has a button on it to make SCHING! noises, a speaker where there should be a pickup, and the worst neck I've ever seen.
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It's the axe the mobile suit Zaku II's used in the Gundam anime.
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Lol. That's not a guitar you sit in your lap and play. And if it's modeled after a gundam, then I betcha it plays exactly like sh*t. Which is what I said EARLIER that people didn't read.

But that's why we've got effects and funky amps.
I can't see it just a red x.

But I think I know what your talking about, being a Gundam fan I found Gundam guitars is that what it is?
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Only a neck pickup

And theres not much to the body, if I were rich, id definitely buy it.
But it would stay on the wall for show and never get played.

Showy yes,
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Actually yes this axe was made by ESP (seen here: go to Gundam Sound Series) But I can't help but think that Fernandes made some Gundam model guitars as well. I may be wrong but I still got a feeling they did something along those lines...
i'd rather use one to chop wood than play.... its probably built for collectors

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Quote by supaman_63
is it just me or does that look like a piece of shit?

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no no

THIS is an axe

You are my new love.
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No I dont like that really either. Its purple first off, and its justt not nice.
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i actually think a band, i think KISS or some band used a guitar in the shape of an axe. i think, because i remember seeing something about it.
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Quote by supaman_63
is it just me or does that look like a piece of shit?

i was afraid i was the only one
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i had a nightmare about a guitar like that once. i woke up in a cold sweat, and almost crying thinking about it.
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Quote by Ishiga
It's probably modelled after some gundam-related anime series.

That it is. It is not an axe, but infact a heat-hawk, carried by the Zaku model of the Universal Century.
I would totally buy that thing if it were black and the blade was red. that would be totally metal
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That looks like a Gundam Zaku Axe. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Man that that guitar needs a bag for its face
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