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I drink, and say oi occasionally. but I can't get laid to save my life.

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MX4Life you fucking godhaha
I always drop the f bomb...infront of adults....I dont remember the first time...maybe when I was like 4 or 5.
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You mean like at an adult? I told my uncle he was a ****ing momma's boy
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I know I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder too.

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So you're a Transformer?
i still haven't i don't like swearing that much except when it's cold anyway. - Megan
It was probably kindergarten. I had just learned what it was and used it all the time when I was talking to my parents.
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I think white people are better than black people.
While this statement is kinda racist and straightforward, it does have many FACTS to back it up lolz.

On the bus. Sixth Grade...thats when I first knew what it meant.

But in third grade I asked my mom what the "fuc*" word is
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i still haven't i don't like swearing that much except when it's cold anyway. - Megan

I don't swear too much either. It loses its effects if you do it too much.
Didn't do it till I was thirteen. My dog was being attacked by this bigger dog and I was yelling at my dad "for his fucking gun"
Still have yet to say that word and the S' word, Every other obscene word, even the ones allowed on TV are rare about twice a year.
the first one i ****en dropped one at my mum? well lets see, i was about 5 and she was pissed off so she started swearing and i was like what does that mean? so she said oh its just a word that you use when youre angry. so i said mums a ****. ROFL it was so funny cos my dad was right there and he was like not wrong there. my dads an asshole
you mean to tell me that when you hurt yourself you don't yell out obscenities? If i stub my toe I go into a cussing fit.
when i was really little my sisters older friends told me to say it(fucken) so not knowing what it meant i went around saying the house saying it rather loudly and said it to my parents when they had friends over
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this year in music class, the oboe player sucks ass and played horribly and I shouted out "what the **** was that" and everyone heard me
(40 people in the class plus the teacher)
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Find me someone who doesn't do that and I'll show you a man humping a hippopotamus.

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High chairs are for little girls. My kids eat gravel off of bare concrete.

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i still haven't i don't like swearing that much except when it's cold anyway. - Megan

Wow, your name is Megan and your into RHCP.


I cuss. Alot.
Not in front of my parents. Yet.
froosh has my heart

You are electric?

You love me.
i read it on pavement when i was 4 or 5, and read it out loud, my dad yelled at me and took away some of my toys...i dont realize what was so bad about it...
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The first time I said it was in front of my mom, way back when in 2nd grade. She smacked me across the face and grounded me and told my dad who yelled at me as well. Needless to say I was off swearing for quite a while. XD
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You're my whore....I'm Defy''s a chain just happen to be at the bottom of it...unless theres an ear-wig or someting you wanna make your bitch.

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You rock.
when talking to my bus driver. He got mad the first time but never cared from that day on. Then he got fired.
I was nine, and I told a hockey ref to go fuck himself after a bullshit crosschecking call. My first game misconduct... good times.

EDIT: I swear all the time, but I do try to censor myself in front of adults who may get their panties in a bunch over "foul" language.
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Not sure. I haven't ever said any profanities in front of my mom. But I do everywhere else pretty much.

And I can't uinderstand how a person can not say fuck at least once.
I was about four and I was just making random noises and out it slipped. I got yelled at for it before I even knew it was a bad word. Nowadays I still can't use it lightly, but my parents realize that if I'm worked up enough about something to drop an f in front of them then whatever I'm upset about is probably more important than the stupid word.
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I was five or something, and I was just spouting out various nonsense words that rhymed with duck. I didn't even know what the **** I said, but my dad was pretty pissed.
I heard it on a movie once when when I was little. (It also included 'the finger') So, as weird as it may sound, I was going all around the house saying F- you and flipping people of all day. Then my parents explained what I was actually doing. Good times...
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"Hey Robert, say 'fuck.'"
Kind of nominated for Best Retired User.

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Swearing is dumb.
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you mean to tell me that when you hurt yourself you don't yell out obscenities? If i stub my toe I go into a cussing fit.

Dude I had a malfuctioning bottle rocket blow up in my hands, you heard a loud scream of pain then a hopping fool laugh well shaking his hand in pain. No profanity at all, real mean hold it in.
I came out of my mother's womb and I was like "Fuck! That hurt like a muffuggin' bitch. Goddamnit I smell like shit. Who are these niggas and why are they touchin me."

True story.
in front of my science teacher over the summer a year ago working on campus at my school. he's like "Your breaking the rules!" So i said "Fuck the rules! WE'RE ON FUCKING BREAK!"
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I never thought I'd say this, but Bloody Piss sounds damn good.

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