i recently got a ibanez rg 350DX and i wasn't to impressed by the stock pick ups and i was wondering what pick ups would be a nice upgrade i play alot of shred stuff like vai and MAB and heavy stuff like opeth
Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
Well, Vai uses Dimarzio Evo and Breeds, both pretty good pickups. Of course EMG will get you there too, perhaps an 85/60 combo. Personally I'm a big fan of the Rio Grand Muy Grande humbucker, overall a great pickup.

Others to consider

Duncan Custom 5
Duncan Custom custom
Anderson H2, h3, and h3+
Bill Lawrence L500-xl

If you have the cabbage, Bareknuckle Nail Bomb.
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