I play blues, classic rock, jazz, country, and hard rock. I need something pretty versatile. I really want that tube sound, however I only have about 400-500 dollars. I also need something that is capable of playing gigs, and my dad would only let me buy a new amp. What would you recommend? Would the blues junior be loud enough? How close to tube does the valvetronix sound? And, I've heard the valveking has some reliability issues, is this true? Thanks.
valvekings are shit, avoid them like the plague, id invest in the blues junior and a good overdrive pedal, mic it for gigs.
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I have a ValveKing and love it. I also have a VOX AD30VT and I like it too. The Valvetronix does sound close, but, not exactly like a tube amp. If you really want the tube sound, I would recommend a full tube amp. Just remember a full tube amp will be louder than a solid state or hybrid amp.
valvetronix isnt tube
Blues Junior is probably your best bet your your tones

and valveking isnt crap, its quite good ... but for your type of playing it wouldnt suit you as much as the Bj
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get a blues junior with some sort of overdrive or distortion box
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any other recommendations...or is the blues junior the way to go...besides the color and really nice looking blonde tweed color, is there any other difference?>