Umm I like them and all and I personally think synyster gates is great guitarist. But many people think that he sucks. I really dont care it doesnt bother me. But I was just wondering why does every one hate synyster so much. He cant be as bad as eveyone thinks cuz he well...is in a breakthrough band. So is there any justifiable reason on why paople hate him other than they "think" he suck. Do you have an acually reason? Like I said I really dont care weither you love or hate him it doesnt bother me
I dont know. Through what I learned, he was a much more perfectionanist guitarist when he started out, everyone knew it. Now that is has a lot of fans he is going through petes law of incompetance. In which he knew people thought he was good, so he thought he didn't have to try as hard. So its not that people think that he sucks, its just that he WAS better.
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I like Syn, hes one of my idols. But you dont have to be good to be in a break through band... look at FOB and P! ATD
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Syn is a cool guitarist.

But I don't like his style. I like his style of guitar playing though.

I think people just don't like him because they don't like a7x.
But you can't deny hes a good guitarist.
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i personally like both avenged sevenfold and synyster gates

but i can get why people do not like him he is extremely overrated, especially on this forum where people will claim him to be the best guitarist in the world