Or atleast something romantic that i can play for my girlfriend for valentines day... only started playing/practicing guitar about 5months ago so i am very limited in my skills... I suppose the more basic of chords the better just need something that sounds good and sweet and that i can sing and play with an acoustic...
Any help will be greatly appreciated...

I always thought playing love songs were kind of lame. This guy I used to date played one for me on my birthday in his room. His voice was great, and it was nice, but... It's like "Oh, well... thanks for singing for me... heh...".

But apparently I'm the only one who feels this way.... ;P
unchained melody by the every brothers i think.
its the one thats like "iiiiiiiiii NEEEEED you love" with a really high "I".
its pretty good easy song, i think its goes C Am G F repeat
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