So im lookin for a good cheap guitar to mod basically. Lookin at the Fender Squier bullet, only 80 bucks, but does anyone have any experience modding a squier bullet? If not whats the best, cheapest stock guitar to mod? thanks
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why dont u try making your own. i was thinking of buying a crap one and upgrading it but i figured what the he**. and you can make it your own design and everything. just buy a body blank from warmoth and all the other parts you need and BAM!
I have a bullet and i've modded the hell out of it. I took all the single coils out, and put in three humbuckers. I also repainted it. I'm know in the process of putting in a kill switch. They're pretty easy to mod.
3x volume control mod, great tonal possibilities. just 1 volume for each pickup, no switch.
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watch out. some may be plywood, some could be laminate (not so bad).

they're good to practice painting on, so thats what i might be using mine for. being a rough for the guitar build im gonna be making soon.
Master volume, master tone, and a blend pot to blend the bridge pickup in any combination.
Instead of the Squier Bullet, I'd go with the Squier Affinity - $150 brand new, cheaper used.

A lot of people scoff at the Squier Affinity Strat or Teles; however, these are made of Alder and have pretty decent necks.

Assuming you buy a new Squier Affinity Strat for $150, here are your modding options:
1. Guitar Fetish (GF) PUs from the clearance section - $17
2. GF complete Strat wiring upgrade (switch, pots, caps) - $16
3. Wilkinson Vintage tremolo with the hefty steel block instead of the puny Squier or older MIM Fender bridge - $38
4. GF vintage Kluson-style tuners - $22
6. Bone or ivoroid nut - $4
Total = $150 + 97 = $247

If you prefer higher-end PUs, say a set of used DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Solo, Solo Pro, and Heavy Blues (around $90 used), the new total = $150 + 170 = $320.

Through a tube amp, you'll get a killer guitar that'll handle classic rock, Blues, country, whatever.

If you're fussy about the neck, lightly sand the back with 2000 grit and apply 3-5 coatings of 100% Tung Oil will serve you well. The Squier Affinity label is so under-rated.

Good Luck!