Hey, I wanna buy new gear and need help. I want to get a new guitar and amp but I'm not sure whether I should get a modelling amp, an amp with an effects processor or an amp and stompboxes. The sound I'm trying to get is like Coheed and Cambria, A7X and Breaking Benjamin. The only real effects I need are a good overdrive for leads, reverb and chorus.
well a7x uses schecter you can get a synister gates custom guitar and they use mesa boogie amps those both can get expencive. if you can afford it go for those but if not id say get a line 6 amp maybe an epiphone explorer throw some emg pickups 81 85 some thing like that you should be good to go.
by the way coheed sucks
Dont get a modeling amp. They are good for short-term begginers, but after you get some experience, youll learn the effects are not that great ( In my experience ) your better off to get an amp and some pedals, as far as which ones, try alot of em out.
well, if you just practice in your room and have no band (like me) get a Vox AD30VT or a Randell RX something or a Roland Cube something, all have effects and models, are portable, and sound good enough.

I find that an amp with a good model/effects setup removes the desire to buy effects pedals. After I got my Vox AD15VT, I sold my handfull of pedals and havn't bought any since. That was a dangerous deal.

If you're more into gigging, I'd get a nice all tube head (mabye a dual rectifier) and a solid 2x12" cab. You could get a 4x12", but you're not playing the superbowl, and you probably don't need to compensate for a small doink, so you'll be set. Then get a nice reverb and chorous box (something analog, or Electro-Harmonix?) and you're set.
$700-$800 should get you a good all-tube amp. Go used if you have to, but it's a good idea to get a good amp now instead of later.