How do you all get the crowd into what your playing besides your music. For instance, if u have a crappy time slot?
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You give them a show, seriously its not that hard just look to the greats and you will find out how...
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It always sucks having a horrible time slot, but it happens. My band's way of thinking, and my way of thinking in general is this... If there are 10 people in the crowd, try to impress those 10, don't worry about the 40 who just walked out the door. That being said, just play your music, ask the crowd how they feel, and get them to feel great and rock out. I played with an awesome band the other night called Rushmore Academy from St. Louis, we were outside the club and one of the guys said their mentality was "We try to throwdown harder than the average pop band" They kicked ass. They were up there going off for the 20 people at the show, and it showed. They had the best set that night, and it is just because they rocked out, had fun, and in turn so did the crowd.
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Talk to them and be funny... don't act like you're better than them. The reason you're there is to try as hard as you can to entertain them.

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