Wanna help me get my car? Wanna be the coolest kid on the block? Then buy my old honda mini-moto, 100$ through paypal and mail order, 20$ for some cool lights and a new paint job, it runs up to 15-20 MPH and travels up to 10 miles on a charge! It comes with the charger. I can't ship it unless you wanna pay 100$ more, so you have to pick it up in Las Vegas NV, What this? you still don't wanna buy it? if you buy it, you'll get the personal footage of my friend "The headphone penis jack guy" sticking any kind of jack up his urethra! (no guitar jacks, or any jacks that are inhumane) PM me if you wanna buy.
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How about you buy my "shut the f*ck up"??
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