Here's the low down:

I'm buying a new guitar, looking to spend around $1500.

I personally love Jackson and Charvel. My friend has a friend who is selling a:

1990 Jackson USA Made SL1 (Soloist)

460th Soloist ever made. (Just a little flash)

Snakeskin Finish.

Schaller Floyd Rose System

Neck Thru Body

Ebony Fretboard

24 Frets.

Enough babbling, here's a pic:


Does 1500 sound about right for this guitar?
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Yes. That seems like a beauty, even though I'm not a big Soloist fan. It rocks man.
Hm.. Good good.

xolax: I'm not sure, out of the whole list of questions that I asked the dude. I didn't ask the pick ups.
It may just be the angle of the pic or the shadowing, or just my messed up head, but is the wammy arm savagely bent or something?