I have an Ibanez RG1570 with an Edge Pro trem and it goes out of tune when I pull it back far. It it supposed to do that? If not, how do I fix it?
Most Whammy Bars tend to go out of tune with deep dives, pulls, or whatever you can think of.

Easy way not to go out of tune:

Don't use it.
Don't pull so damn hard.
Go to warmoth and buy a Original Floyd Rose, or a Schaller Floyd Rose.
you could try a trem setter it helps the tremolo go back to its original position when you release it. or as Abbott said get a different trem yours could be cheap and allowing string slipage. or if your strings are new they may be stretching
If you want to float get a floyd.

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Sorry to bust it to you buddy, but compared to the Original Floyd Rose or Schaller Floyd Rose, most things are "cheap".

You're going to continue going out of tune wether or not you believe the edge pro is cheap or not, fact is, it's not as good as the Original Floyd Rose or Schaller. I've used both, and they do go out of tune (hardley, and that's assuming i'm putting all my might into pulling the flippin thing till I get the tone I want) still.

Now, the EDGE PRO may look nice and fancy, but with a slight dive or pull, the thing is wickedly out of tune.

If you still don't want to believe me (personal taste), you could try different string guages.

Good luck.
Well, my trem doesn't go out of tune on big dives but it did when I pulled it all the way back, which should be normal I guess.
No no no and no, the Edge Pro is one of the most reliable trem out there, certainly ISNT cheap. Very well made using superior material like the ones on OFRs.

1st off all, are those strings new or stock ones? If they're new, always stretch them 1st and if its too old, replace them. Make sure both your locking nuts and string lockers are tight (not too tight though) enough to secure the strings in place.
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