i need some excersises that can get my fingers moving quicker. my right hand can more pretty fast, but i need the left hand to be able to follow it and play faster, more challenging solos. any suggestions?
yea just get a metronome learn, your scales, and practice. look at steve vais 10 hour guitar workout. it really helped me
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I have a bunch of my favorite licks that I put into a powertab file and play with the metronome on. I started at the slowest bpm possible (40) and worked my way up 1bpm at a time, as I became able to play each bpm perfectly. It works beautifully... I've been doing it for only a month and a half and I've increased my speed by 30 bpm. As with many things, I'm glad I started doing it - but wish I'd started faster. My impatience to play fast as quickly as possible was, perversely, the very thing that held me back
the left hand is easy to speed up cause you need two things muscles and dexterity (especially in the pinky) to help this do scales with a metronome for the dexterity and to help the muscele draw four dots on your desk on school and all day drum your fingers on the dots all day, not to loud cause it drives people crazy(its not like your learning anything anyway)
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ive been doing the scales
and bacon is right.....nothing happens at school, so there'll be 4 dots on my desk in every class (lol)