I tryed out the 6 string version. It was alright. Nothing special. I didn't find anything wrong with it really.

I'd say it's a good bass for the price.
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they are really solid, well made basses in my experience, and good for the prices, most the ones i've played are not much to look at though.
I own the 5 and the 6 string Edge. Really solid basses. Great sounding, sturdy, and not too bad at all for the price. I highly reccomend Dean basses, just out of my experience. They're my primary basses, really.

The 4 string you're looking at should do you well. IMO, Deans are right up there with Ibanez, MIM Fenders and can even give Schecter a run for their money, just based on price.
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I own the Dean Edge 8 string and its nice, im happy with it. I love the sound of the Active EMG pickups. I also own a Dean 5 string with is also nice, the only thing about them is they are kind of heavy but once you get used to it its the only flaw! They are very solid instruments.
I play deans every week (at music shop) and I used to "own" my brothers' dean. I love them, and they would be my first choice. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely loved the fretboard. Don't know what it was about it.