When the radial tone bone was modeled on Comcast there was a bunch of feedback when the guitar was strummed and I liked that effect

Now when I get the samples from the radial site there is not any type of sound like that

I'm looking into the Tonebone Hot British pedal which seems to have a little more feedback on the sound samples at their site

Any other suggestions for a high feedback distortion pedal?

this is for a 3 single coil pickup PRS guitar
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Its not the pedal, its the amp and how close you are. You can get feedback by having to much gain.
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high gain and stay close to your amp,

with my vox, i can strum a chord lightly and have it some semi-overdriven, and stay close to my amp and it has a relaly slow feedback swell, its kind of how you set up your equipment, and how much gain you put in it, then how well you know how to use and control the behavoir of your amp/guitar/

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any suggestions on getting this sound though a PA/keyboard amp?

like the KX1200?

right now im running the roland micro cube into the KX1200 but i have yet to try really high gain with the magicstomp and micro cube
anything with high gain and volume will get you feedback if you stand close the amp.
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Digitech grungepedal. It sounds beatufiul. (dont play grunge with it, unless you daisy chain a 2nd pedal)
You may struggle with a keyboard amp, solid state feedback is a little more unpredictable and less musical than valve feedback.
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grunge looks good and only 40$ but first im going to try some settings on distortion pedals with the magicstomp to see if i cant get something really high gain...maby a nice JCM2000 amp sim with some mods will do the trick
the fuzz factory by zvex... listen to the intoo to 'plug in baby' by muse

its not actual feedback but it is awesome
distortion and some overdrive should do it.
you just need volume, but if you add overdrive to some distortion itll instantly feedback
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