Hello UG, I would like to buy a cheap PA system, my budget is about 200-300 USD
Need to run vocal mics through it for practices, and possibly small gigs, nothing huge, just something that works well

If there is no one selling that, i would like to buy a line-6 spider 3 75W or higher amp, no flaming please, i know how it is felt around here, but i like the digital sound.
Check ebay out for a good powered mixer and speakers. You can usually find a good deal there, you could also check local music stores for used gear. Pawn shops come to mind too.

My band picked up an 8 channel powered yamaha mixer with two electrovoice speakers and stands for only $350 used out the door at a local shop.

As for a Line 6 Spider 3, im not sure many people will have the III version for sale on here, as they havent been out very long. But alas, you may get lucky and find someone who bought it and doesnt like it.
I downloaded a .exe once, opened it, and it pretty much nailed my computer, and yes, by nailed I mean, got it's **** out and shoved it in my computers ass.
thank you, and i was hoping, because many people do not like the amp, someone on here bought it or got it for christmas and would sellit for a little cheaper