do you guys know where i can get one? i found a carvin 7-string of course, but it's a neck thru and i dont want to risk killing an ibanez jem to make a neck thru guitar, expecially becasue this will only be my 2nd build...

Try to find a pedal head seven string,and re-shape it like an Ibanez.
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all right, that'll be easier than chopping up a jem i guess, but do you know anywhere besides warmoth where i can get one of those?
Tried e-bay?
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yeah, e-bay didn't have anything, but i guess if i keep checking back, there'll be something. there was an onld uv777 ibanez neck with the disappearing pyramids, but it was heavily used and way too expensive.
why dont u just cut the part of the body in the neck through neck

^ im sure about that tho..

or u cud buy my 7 string "ibanez" neck... I designed it like the prestige wizard 2 necks, its a 5 piece, maple with 2 walnut accents.. check my 7 string mockingbird thread if u want pics...
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well,i was browsing around quite a lot today trying to find the perfect place to buy a neck... well, at leas A place to buy a neck, and i stumbled on this guy here....


who seems pretty professional. i'm thinking (once i get the money this summer) of supplying him with hardware i buy (i.e. ibanez edge, tuning machines, etc.) and letting him do the rest. the entire guitar build plus parts is around 100 bucks at most, so that's awesome!

he can build a guitar i want, and including the paint job thats just over 700 bucks, and i can follow a link to this other company who'll do a full swirl paint job for about 200 bucks, which is included in the 700 bucks. sooooo i don't think i'll have a chance to ruin a jem!! yay! i shot off an e-mail for a quote on the exact same guitar to ran guitars (they're a custom guitar company, my frind told me about them here on UG) to compare prices...

mEtAlORc i'd buy your neck, and it's exaclty what i wanted, but now that i found that site, i've pretty much made up my mind...sry dude!

btw i started reading your 7-string mockingbird thread a while back when it started, and WOW that's one SWEET looking guitar. can't wait 'till its done, and i bet you can't either!