im currently in the market for a new guitar i dont wanna spend over a grand aussie. i want it to have a fixed bridge because i change tunnings all the time. i play in a metal band but i also play blusey stuff to so it would have to be very versitile guitar. ive got a few models im going to go have a play at but i was just wonderin what you guys think i should get so any opinions coments or what ever would be greatly apreaciated
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maybe an Epi Les Paul Classic or custom or standard. Good guitars, and all under a grand
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Ibanez sz's are good value for money, neck-thru, Seymour Duncan pickups, but they have a tune-o-matic style bridge, for a standard one without flame maple there around $500 Aus. Otherwise check schecter out, there extremely good value aswell, you could get a very descent one for under $1000, good Australian site is www.bmusic.com.

good luck.
Schecters are great, probably a blackjack is your best bet, and sorry im not sure the amount in australian but they're about $550 USD
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