Im looking for the most realistic sounding drum machine/drum machine software possible. Im looking to have a drummer without actually having a drummer (of course it will never be as good as having a drummer but you get the point.)

Anyone have any recommendations?

BTW, i currently use FruityLoops 3 and im kinda sick of having to equalize/reverberize/amplify/deamplify the tracks to make them sound even remotely useful.
I've got a Boss Dr-880 which is the most expensive drum machine that Boss does, it has 24 bit samples, loads of memory, loads of kits and loads of options for interfacing with a PC, if you want to program your drum parts on the PC and then use MIDI to trigger the samples on a drum machine it's probably the best option, you can even use Spdif out if your soundcard supports it, though I can't say I've noticed much difference when I've used it.

I've also used BFD,which is pretty good, it seems to record louder than the DR-880 and the interface is very good for tweaking parameters like mic position, velocity etc, the only problem being that it takes a LOT of RAM, you will need 1.5 GB+ if you want to run it comfortably with anything else going on.

To be honest though, the software options aren't much cheaper than the DR-880 and that has the advantage of being portable, and it's great to be able to just start a beat going then scroll through all the different kits to see which suits it best, as opposed to waiting for them to load in BFD etc.

The other big problem with drum programming is getting the programming right, which is much easier if, like me, you know a drummer with an electronic drumkit that can play them for you.
ive got beatcraft. it sounds really realistic, fairly easy to work with, but you would need to have a fairly good idea about drumming to be able to fully utilise it.