Hello all at UG, I'm a noob here, 'm 17 and looking to start a progressive/thrash/melodic/death band that will end up being completely different from all the trash HxC, Groove, and Emo bands going around as of late, Influences would include Opeth, Darkane, Scar Symmetry, Soilwork, Testament, Carnal forge, Death, and Hatesphere, If you've not heard of any of these bands, check them out before contacting me if intrested, Needs a Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Vocalist, and Possible Keyboardist, must be able to manage 3-4 days a week of at least 4 hours of practice if intrested.

Contact at 1931-456-6685 Or 1931-335-1983, ask for Israel.
i live in crossville and play (what i guess would be) rhythm guitar. but you lost me at death metal band. if your interested in like just thrash or hard rock maybe im interested. if you wanna see something i wrote go to song name and type in michael lewis (thats not the name of the song but its under misc your songs in band name and its just easier to find this way.). its the only song there.