Good vibe. A bit lazy, at times. Surely for those who have a vagina, or wish they didn't have a penis.

Technique: B- ..... Tight groove; a bit simplistic; nice melodies; weak lyrics and vocalist.

Artistically: D ..... Pretentious, bordering on comical.

Overall: C- ..... See, your problem is, you're putting the pussy on a pedestal. (Just kidding!) Nice flow, but in my opinion, way too feminine for a guy to enjoy. I bet girls would rate it much higher than guys, but that's definitely not a bad thing... well, sometimes.
You know i really like both these songs. Which is surprising both because im usually a fairly tough critic and because this is not at all my usual style of music (that being pop punk). The singers voice is perfectly suited for this style of music, and the lyrics are very well put together. I thought the whole verse in "A response to... " that had to do with "since when does not making women into objects mean that i like men" was exceptionally well put together. Both these songs are gonna be popped on my ipod for a little quality change up from my usual fare.
pretty good until the vocals kick in, then it gets kinda gay (in this pretentious artsy-fartsy way)
hey hey, dont listen to those guys man, cept bbsbass, i 123 the ipod addition this sh!t is really f-in good musak, post some more i'd love to here it, guitar is wow, sorta a Collective Soul feel with a brand new edge, naw all edge...