very new band

hi im Wayne 1 member of this band. There are three members in our band daniel and kieran, kieran and I are 13 daniel is 14 we all play guitar but kieran wants to and is going to play bass. So we are looking for a drumer around the same age or less and maybe a singer.

We are just a layed back band and we dont want to go anywhere right now so if you live around towradgi corrimal fairymeadow or bellambi give me a reply.

im into: bob dylan, queens of the stone age, kyuss, the doors, the animals, the cramps, mark lanegan, tom waits and more
your in wollongong? as in australia? if yo are thats cool cause i've been there
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yeah im in wollongong. We got some good bands over here. Where are you from in australia?

oh my god i felt like an idiot when i looked over at where your from! lol

ive been to albury like 7 times
Dam, its so hot where you guys are, I've been past both your towns, pretty quiet, but yea, might have to stay longer next time.
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